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Fundraising... if it were easy, everyone would do it.

Navigating Indiana's Charity Gaming Statutes and Regulations can be challenging, and while we won't promise you wealth beyond your dreams for a casino night fundraiser, we can promise you straight answers, educated advice, and an event that won't violate the law of Indiana.

Guests Playing Texas Hold’em at a Casino Theme Party at the Indiana Historical Society in Indianapolis, Indiana

Don't gamble without a license.

"Gambling" means risking money or other property for gain, contingent in whole or in part upon lot, chance, or the operation of a gambling device. Gambling without a license is prohibited in Indiana, both by criminal statutes and civil gaming statutes.

It's a simple rule but Jolly Joker at Elite Casino ProductionsI see and hear bad advice all the time. The Charity Gaming statutes in Indiana are not always easy to follow, especially when it comes to the use of a casino as a fundraising device.

At Elite Casino Productions, it is very important to us that our clients get information that is accurate and does not put them at risk. Do we lose jobs because of it? Absolutely. Does it drive us crazy that other companies will do things we won't do? Very much so. All we can say is that when the Indiana Gaming Commission walks into your Elite Casino Productions casino party, you'll have nothing to worry about.

The law.

Indiana Gaming Commission- Charity Gaming Division
Charity Gaming Statutes, Indiana Code 4-32.2
Charity Gaming Regulations, 68 Indiana Administrative Code 21
Criminal Gambling Statutes, Indiana Code 35-45-5

What counts as gambling?

- buying chips to play casino games for prizes
- buying a ticket to trade for chips to play casino games that get turned into play money that gets used to buy prizes at a silent auction
- a required buy-in to play in a poker tournament where the winner gets paid

The Indiana Gaming Commission takes a broad view of what counts as gambling, and although we provide information designed to be helpful to you as you plan your special event, we recommend that you always check with a compliance officer at the IGC, especially if you intend on fundraising.

Contact the Indiana Gaming Commission, 317-233-0046.