Elite Casino Productions, LLC


…is all about having fun with games. It’s not easy providing diverse groups of people with a good time at corporate conferences, meetings, trade shows, award banquets, holiday parties, or association events. Casino entertainment, sometimes referred to as Monte Carlo nights, Vegas nights, or mock casinos, can provide lots of excitement and interactive fun for your group of almost any size or demographic.

Elite Casino Productions, LLC

Casino Entertainment

Casino entertainment is not just for corporate events and groups of 1000 guests, either. Since the popularity of Texas Hold’em poker exploded during the early 2000’s, many smaller groups have learned that including even a single poker, blackjack, craps, or roulette game into an event for 5 – 50 guests can add variety, excitement, glitz, and interactivity to the birthday party, wedding reception, family reunion, or other event for family and friends, whether at an event venue or for a home casino party. 

Special event entertainment has come a long way and we like dueling pianos, arcade games, Cirque de Soliel, Blue Man, magicians, and musicians as much as the next person. However, at a casino theme party, your guests will actually get to know each other during the entertainment. We think parties are best when the guests actually interact and meet each other. Playing games with and around other people is an important part of social interaction, and casinos have the advantage of scalability. Got a small group? Get a small casino. Got a large group? Get a large casino. Let’s all stop looking at screens so much, play games together, and have some fun! 

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